100% DLL Genuine Replacement Battery For Samsung GALAXY S5 G900S G900F G9008V 9006v 9008W 9006W 3400 mAh


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1. Li-on Battery:EB-BG900BBC
2. Voltage: 3.8V
3. Capacity:3400mAh
4. Use for: Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 g910L/910S/910K/G9006V/G9008V/G9009D/G900 etc
5. Security and environment: Double protection functions.Double IC and PCB electric board protect charge discharge and short circuit.
6.Our battery is the same size with original battery.
7: Made in CHINA
Please Note:
> The battery must be fully recharged before use.
> A temporary short capacity of new battery will be resulted from not used for a long time, it is normal, the total capacity will be reinstated via used for 3-5 times.
> When first get the battery, use it out, charge for 10 hours for the first three times, use it out again, then it only need to charge about 5 hours for normal use.
> Do not use inferior charger to recharge this battery in case of damaging the battery.
> Do not disassemble or change the structure of the battery.
> Do not put the battery in the charger too long.
> Do not expose the battery to moisture and water, do not put it in high temperature environment.
> Do not impact the battery.
> Put it beyond the reach of children.
> The best storage temperature is 20°C–5°C
Power dragon business battery technology advantage
Matters needing attention1. The intelligent core: imported IC intelligent core, higher precision stability of protection plate, put an end to the battery overcharge discharge and short circuit, ensure safety, stimulate the vitality, and optimize the battery current discharge characteristic.
2. Super long standby: choose extra large capacity of lithium batteries, batteries relief valve technology, standby actually about 10% longer than the original battery, safe and reliable, stable performance, high capacity, long standby time;
3. Design: original battery size, seamless joint, don’t worry, because he is a perfect fit.
4. Low pressure injection molding: precise guarantee each battery capacity to acme
5. Multiple protection: built-in PCM triple protection, prevent overcharge, discharge, flow;
High voltage technology 6.3.8 V: true capacity full metal contact more durable than the original
7.72 hours aging test, to ensure that each battery are of good quality
8.45 degrees high temperature let stand: eliminate defects, to ensure that each battery power
9. No memory effect: support quick charge, compared with similar products more durable service life
10.45 degrees high temperature let stand: eliminate defects, to ensure that each battery power
11.72 hours aging test, to ensure that each battery are of good quality
12. The relief valve: adopt SMT lead-free technology, do not contain mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances, safe environmental protection, prevent the batteriesexplosion
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