1pcs Original Hobbywing 5V 6V Switchable RC 8A UBEC Max 15A Lowest RF Noise BEC Voltage Regulator Mdoule Drone Quadcop


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The 8A-UBEC is a switch-mode DC-DC regulator works with a 2-3S Lipo battery, it outputs a consistent safe voltage for your receiver, gyro and servos.
It is very suitable for large scale RC models with many servos such as nitro powered RC helicopters and airplanes.

1 Specification

1.1 Output Voltage: 5V or 6V (Changeable with a switch )
1.2 Continuous output current: 8 Amps
1.3 Burst output current: 15 Amps
1.4 Input: 6V-12.6V (2-3S Lipo battery)
1.5 Quiescent current: 60mA
1.6 Size: 42mm*39mm*9mm (length*width*height)
1.7 Weight: 36g

2 Features

2.1 Uses advanced switch-mode DC-DC regulator IC.
2.2 The output current is very large to supply all electric equipments.
2.3 Output short-circuit protection function.
2.4 A metal shield and a filter significantly reduce the electromagnetic interference.
2.5 Automatically detects the amount of the Lipo battery pack (2S or 3S).
2.6 Shows the battery capacity with 4 LEDs.
2.7 Shows the working status with a LED, it lights when the UBEC works normally.
2.8 There are 2 output leads to reduce the resistance when connecting the UEBC to the receiver.
2.9 With a step-down voltage regulator of 0.7V down as accessory
(It changes the output from 6.0V to 5.3V for some special equipments that cannot work with 6V inputs).

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