2016 Wavecom GSM Gprs Modem Q2406A Dual Band 900/1800MHZ USB interface 32 PORTS GSM SMS Modem Pool 32 SIM cards slot IMEI Change


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32 ports Bulk sms gsm modem voice usb gsm modem pool for kannel sms software sms box sim pool

Notes (Before you buy, please read the notes very carefully!):

1: This item is controlled on USB interface (Emulated COM/RS232/Serial Port) via AT commands (GSM 07.07, 07.05).

2: This item include the free version software. Or you can use your program or software to control it via AT commands.

3: If you don’t know how to use this item, please inquire before you buy it.(Skype:bettyli03 whatsapp:+86 15889729350 )

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Brief Introduction GSM MODEM POOL also known as “SMS cat pool” “Bulk sms machine” in China, With the USB 2.0 Cable connect with computer (laptops, desktops), insert both big and small sim cards, open our bulk sms software, then can send and receiving mass messages, simultaneously to send 600 pieces messages per hour for one port, totally 19200 for all 32 ports. Internal adapter assure stable voltage and excellent working environment. Free sms software will be provided. Key Features USB GSM modem pool Based on Wavecom industrial modules GSM: 900/1800MHz Dual Band Asynchronous, transparent or non-transparent, to a maximum 14400 bits / s Baud Rate : 300-115200 bits / s Automatic baud rate: from 2400 to 19200 bits / s AT command control ( GSM 07.07 and 07.05) 16 x SIM card(big/small) slots Comply with GSM phase2 standard Send and receive SMS, MMS,AT Command, USSD,Open At, Recharge Maximum transmitting speed 115KBps Input voltage: 100 to 240V Working temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius Storage temperature: -25 to +70 degrees Celsius Double tone multi-frequency function(DTMF) Each channel with separate power switch Each individual module can be demolished industrial chassis, elegant shell color: black Supported Operating Systems Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows Server 2003/ Windows 2000/ Windows 98SE/ CE/Linux 2.40/ MAC 9.8 Applications Large shopping malls, supermarkets Professional market, large wholesalers Large hotels, large-scale entertainment Large agencies Transport, logistics industry Large enterprises, and institutions Large hospitals, large bookstore Newspaper, television and radio stations Oil Company ( other chain business model) Government agencies or large township Packaging(Standard carton): Product Weight:8kg Product Size:L55*W24*H22(cm) Accessories: Power cable, USB cable, Antennas and driver How to Install the modem pool ? 1. Make sure power cable connect device, 2. Insert SIM card, make sure chipset connect with card reader 3.Use USB 2.0 Cable connect computer, follow prompts to install driver 4. Turn on power, red LED light, all red light flashing stands equipment begins work Notice: Please turn off the power supply first, when you plug in or out the single module, or the IC / mini -IC card will be destroy. Bulk sms +mobile recharge +IMEI changing

What is “IMEI”?

“IMEI “is a abbriviation for “International Mobile Equipment Identity “,International Mobile Equipment identification number is by the 15 of digits “electronic string of number”,and this code is the world’s only. Each a mobile phone in after the completion of the assembly will be given a global only a group of number, the number from production to delivery will be took record.

Why need to changing “IMEI” ?

When you use the modem pool for SMS too much ,due to the operator policies,your device will be blocked .World of operators will be same condition ,So if u want a SMS competition business,IMEI changing function is very needed

Our modem advantage :

The new model has added the IMEI changing functions ,users can simply change the IMEI number of your device via simply serveral click .This is very usefull for those SMS advertising ,when you send thousands or millions of SMS, the telecom operators may block your device ,then the modem will no longer be used again .

IMEI changing function is built for this,whenever the operators block the software , you can regenerate a new one yourself .That the device can be used again

Free version sms software for your reference: Compose easily to groups or all contacts in your contact list. Contact list management – Manage subscribed and unsubscribed phone number. Received SMS at Inbox. New messages are shown in bold. Outbox showing messages to be sent. Let you select which COM port to use. Information of the phone is shown if connected successfully. List of already sent messages. Each column can be sorted by clicking the header. Reply to inbox message.

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