2017 Breeze Audio The wind TAS5630 2.1 Channel Home audio digital power amplifier 150WX2 300WX1


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Power amplifier needs an external power supply, the best match is DC24V/5A power adapter,for the power cable plug, we will send EU plug if you are from Europe or from Russia, do not worry about it.

Here is the pictures for the checking, if need the power adapter, please order the link option of ” With DC24V adapter”, Thank you

This is the finished machine, electricity can be used, 2 year warranty.

In addition, the output power and power are closely related. If your power is only 100W then the output of the machine is not more than 100W

TAS5630D amplifiers can be driven in DC48V 4 ohm load, can provide 300W+150W+150W 2.1 acoustic output power, they use PUREPATH “HD technology and Ti advanced closed-loop architecture, implementation of next generation Blu ray home theater systems, stand-alone home theater, professional audio system of high definition media playback and ultra-low distortion. Is currently the top digital power amplifier

This is the flagship digital power amplifier, analysis and detail is the ultimate driving force is very powerful, power is also very low

Parameter index: (bass channel)

DC=50V, R=4, THD+N=10%, P=300W,
DC=50V, R=6, THD+N=10%, P=210W,
DC=50V, R=8, THD+N=10%, P=160W,

DC=50V, R=4, THD+N=1%, P=240W,
DC=50V, R=6, THD+N=1%, P=160W,
DC=50V, R=8, THD+N=1%, P=125W,

Total harmonic distortion (THD+N): < 1%
Signal to noise ratio (SNR):>100dB
Input impedance: 20K
Output offset voltage: < 150mV
Voltage gain: adjustable
Conversion rate (SR):50V/us

Frequency range: 20Hz–20kHz.

Power supply range: DC20–DC50V

Outline dimensions: width 146 height 148 depth 42 mm, section size the same as the CDROM

Product highlights:
The use of AD827 as the left and right channel amplifier preamplifier, excellent dynamic performance and the details of the most subtle notes.

Use matters needing attention:

The machine is DC power supply, do not directly enter the exchange, to use the AC transformer, plug the 1 bridge rectifier and filter capacitors can be. In addition to DC power not more than 50V, also do not less than 20V, less than 20V will not start. In addition, the output power and the power of the power supply, 50V will be more than 4 times the power of 20V.

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