30cmX152cm waterproof wiredrawing Vinyl car sticker for AUDI Skoda lexus Motorcycle Toyota Car interior and outdoor car styling

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Product name: metal drawing film

Product specification: 30cm x 1.52 cm

Brand: LIN&GUO

Product color: black and silver gold blue grey light grey

Product thickness: film material: 13c base paper: 140g

Presence of air duct: pilot air duct

Product glue: pressure sensitive adhesive

Years of use: 3 years

Product features:

Drawing this is a new surface treatment technology, it is at the base material, aluminum plate under the action of external force to force through metal molds, metal cross-sectional area is compressed, cross sectional area and obtain the required shape and size of technology processing method called wire drawing die, drawing boards with high quality aluminum plate as base material, the use of superior performance, the surface color bright, uniform, stable and lasting, satisfy the consumers the pursuit of high quality and fashion sense.The surface color is bright, uniform, fashionable feeling strong, give a person with intense visual impact.Its material appearance has a very strong metal texture, can be compared with stainless steel wire brush grain, grain clarity, even with super heat resistance, weather resistance, fire resistance, and resistance to dirt easy clean huo, is a new type of sticker in today’s fashion.

Scope of application

· auto parts for car hood, tail, encirclement, control panel, handle, oil case cover, support plate, etc.

· auto exterior decorative packaging, car interior decoration.

· mobile phones, computers and other electronic products

All surfaces, such as furniture and woodwork, are smooth

Additional information

Item Type





Not Packaged

Item Height

0 cm

Item Diameter

0 cm

Item Width

30 cm


3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl


Cold Light Tablets

Brand Name


Model Name

Crocodile grain 015

Item Length

152 cm





Material Type

Carbon Fibre

Type Of Sticker

Carbon Fiber Protector

Sticker Placement

The Whole Body