DM002HW Mini RC Drone With 0.3MP Camera Set High Mode 3D Flip App Control Helicopter Quadcopter More Funny Toys


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Function 1: 2.4GHz direct drive power, more accurate operation, the response is more sensitive, remote control distance, but at the same time in the same place to control multiple aircraft to play without interference in the air can be achieved camera, video and other aerial photography , The picture is more clear and bright. Function 2: exclusive first dual control mode, equipped with novice players for the entry-level mode of operation and professional players of the technical level model. Truly realized a machine multi-purpose, indoor and outdoor can operate the model, suitable for a wide range of players! Function 3: This product is equipped with imported high-performance six-axis gyroscope, can be arbitrarily throw away from the take-off model without impact. Function 4: This product has a 360-degree rollover function, can be in front and rear, left and right in different directions to roll, roll speed sensitive, accurate positioning! Function 5: This product uses high-strength metal materials, and equipped with a full range of multi-angle protection of the anti-collision cover, so that the machine has a strong ability to resist! Function 6: Unique product structure design, replaceable aircraft battery, so you can be a long time without interruption to enjoy the control of remote control aircraft brought by the thrill of stimulation! Function 7: This product has the acceleration function, and is equipped with three different speed mode to choose from, according to the operation of the proficiency and space to fully select the player for the stalls! Product important note: 1, the product uses 6-axis gyroscope technology, can be in the indoor and outdoor flight, strong wind resistance; 2, the aircraft using 2.4G frequency, remote control distance, operating sensitive, can achieve multi-person operation at the same time do not interfere with each other; 3, the product through the phone remote control or remote control, can achieve the general four-way function (rise, fall, turn left, turn right function; forward, back, left, right side function) at the same time increase the trick roll function, in order to meet Different levels of operation hand, especially increased the low speed, medium speed, high speed, third gear mode. 4, when the consumer will be fine-tuning chaos, and can be a key to restore fine-tuning. 5, the product increases “” headless mode “”, that is, the aircraft can not point to where the machine, it is the operator’s direction of operation prevail. 6, the product increased the “one key return” function 7. Products with “” pressure set high function “”, can be suspended in the air to stop more stable flight, camera more clearly. (A key to take off, a key landing) 8. Products with WIFI function, (real-time aerial photography, you can connect the camera through the phone wifi, you can see real-time video on the phone, you can also control the aircraft) Note : when you get the itmes , the drone is unassembled kit. you need make them into drone ! so do it yoursale. have fun! Package list:​

Additional information

Remote Distance


Controller Battery

AA*4(not niclude)

Action Time


Controller Mode



3 days

Plugs Type

USB Plug



Model Number




Remote Control


Power Source


Control Channels

4 Channels



State of Assembly

Unassembled Kit

Age Range

> 14 years old,Grownups



Aerial Photography



Remote Control,Shatter Resistant


Suitable for children over 14 years old.

Charging Time

about 30MIN



Charging Voltage



Brush Motor

Package Includes

USB Cable,Charger,Camera,Operating Instructions,Batteries