Gigabyte Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2-T Desktop PC Motherboard LGA1150 Print Port

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1, when install the CPU, CPU needs to be vertical down, carefully into the socket, CPU fan must be installed, and then boot, if not install the CPU fan, or only put the fan above CPU and boot, will burn the motherboard and CPU.

2, if more than one memory, first insert only one memory, boot normally.then turn off the power, and then continue to insert other memory. (when insert the memory, put the motherboard on a flat desk or a flat places).Two hands were held each side, forced down, the two sides click the sound of click, so that the memory is insert correctly.

3, after boot, if computer can not boot normally, the general reason is the memory not installed correctly, please try another memory slot.

4,motherboard should install outside the computer case,put the motherboard on a flat desk,and insert only one memory first.when the memory running,and then contiue to insert other memory.

Customer Note:

— I / O baffle may not be original, but to ensure that all the external interface can be normal plug

–motherboard is second hand, test well, when meet a problem,please feel free to contact with us,we will try our best to solve probelm.

–Motherboard is second hand,color can not be guaranteed, due to the different working environment, you receive the motherboard may have rust and aging phenomenon.
–Due to the motherboard PCB technology reasons, the current PCB motherboard thinner and thinner, some motherboards may have a slight bend, is a normal phenomenon, does not belong to the motherboard

–Our motherboard test video is uploaded daily on our YOUTUBE homepage and you can watch your motherboard test video based on your order number at


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