K472 electret microphone amplifiers pickup amplifiers effect super MAX9812


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The board of the shop are designed to produce (can also be customized according to customer requirements of the board), a small amount of purchase can be photographed directly, the bulk purchase price concessions, welcome to contact.

Ultra low noise electret microphone head pole amplifiers using ST, imported K472 electret microphone special amplification chip, chip with low noise. Adjustable gain, wide power supply advantages than MAX9812 at the end of 14, lower noise, differential output, or single output.

Gain adjustment:R3 is the resistance gain adjustment resistance, is the default 30dB shipments (values of 1K), if not suitable, can refer to the table to change the value of R3 to obtain different gain resistance to change the original off chip R3 (if not good patch welding, can also be used to insert the welding in the next R3 two reserved pad above (the gain is 0-40db variable).

Microphone connection:Microphone head positive electrode, negative electrode, the board on the GND when the shield with, do not connect microphone head (also can not pick up, but it is best to take a look, to avoid interference)

Output connection:

1: differential output: pick up the signal +, -, the middle is GND ground.

2: single ended output: pick up signal +, middle GND ground.

3: two channel output: signal + when a channel, the signal – when a channel, the middle GND ground

3 output connection methods can be selected according to the needs

Working voltage: DC 2.3v-5.5v

Board size: 25mm*20mm

Note: the board power supply is best not to use the switch power supply, or low noise from the bottom of the talk, the interference may be serious.

Buyers notice:

1: receive the goods have any questions please contact us to solve, do not take the middle. Bad to treat, or the shop will refuse technical advice and after-sales service.

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