Mini Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealer Food Storage Hot Press Bag Seal with 15 bags


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This product is a specialized vacuum packing machine used for plastic vacuum packing and normal plastic sealing.
* Suitable size, solid structure, low power consumption.
* Vacuum packing using specialized plastic bags: various kinds of vegetables, meats, fish, cooked food or other household items, desert and dried food.
* If you want to maintain the original state of the food but need to vacuumize, use half vacuum packing.
* Automatic vacuum sealing machine, one button operation, easy to operate.
* There is a magnet on the back, can adhere to the surface of the refrigerator.
* Vacuum sealing, can lengthen the freshing time.
* Fresh, anti-bacteria, moisure-proof, mold-proof, antioxidant.
* Low noise, low vibration.

* Max vacuum degree: 430 mmhg
* Can seal and vacuumize content with width less than 295 mm
* Fully seal using heating wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm
* Voltage: 110V /220 V
* Power: 100 W

Precautions for use:
* Food with moisture like meat, fish, vegetables and so on, please wipe the moisture with a towel or tissues or wrap it with a disposable plastic bag before vacuumizing.
* For particle food: Because the small particle can go inside the machine, please put it in plastice bags before cacuumizing.
* Don’t vacuumize liquid food ( soup, water ), this kind of food is only suitable for seal.
* When put vacuum packed food in the microwave oven for heat, be sure to make an air hole on the bag.
* When use the machine for a long time, be sure to turn off the machine for cooling before continuing to work.
* You’d better split the cover and hook when store the machine.

​Packing List :

QH-01 Vacuum Sealer *1

Vacuum bags *15

User Manual (English) *1

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